Our Company

ValSangro LTD it was founded as a family business in the second half of the '900 in Fossacesia in the Abruzzo, between the seaside of Coast Trabocchi and the mountain of Maiella.


At the fourth generation, we nurture the same passion and vigor, always oriented towards product quality and customer satisfaction.


Today, with the help of technologically innovative systems, we have brought the idea of sustainable agriculture close to the needs of farms, offering them also the processing for third parties.


For us, the loyalty of a customer is a point of pride and great satisfaction, important elements that stimulate us to do even better. 


Our organization allows us to market and deliver the product throughout Europe.



The processing of seeds consists first of all, in separating the seeds from small impurities like sand, pebbles, earth. Through a CRIVELLI CALIBRATION; then the selection is done through CYLINDERS MULTIWALL mounted in drums that separate long seeds and short seeds from long and short scraps; for some seeds, as for alfalfa,are used DENSIMETRIC TABLES: the seeds are placed to float on a ventilated vibrating table,where they are spread out, and are separated on the basis of their different specific weights. By adjusting the inclination and oscillation of the table, the cut grains are excluded.



First the seed is passed on a CRIVELLO to eliminate the larger impurities, the seed is sent into a beater through a cochlea where the shell is separated from the naked seed, the outer shell together with other light parts are sent  between the waste through the suction plant while the seed of SULLA continues on a TARARA and ALVEOLAR CYLINDERS in the battery where the processing is completed.