La Sulla Leguminous, Hedysarum family.

La Sulla is a leguminous belonging to the Hedysarum family, predominantly cultivated in the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Sulla has a penetrating root, unique in its ability to penetrate and grow even in clayey soils, such as Pliocene clays.

La Sulla is characterized by erect stems, high from 0.80 to 1.50 m. and is resistant to drought, but not in the cold, it dies at 6-8 ° C below zero.

In the past, sowing was done in bulatura, in the autumn period with 80-100 Kg / ha of clad  seed, or in spring with 20-25 Kg / ha of naked seed.

Currently a planting technique is followed by seeding, in late summer on the wheat stubble, the naked seed.


At the first rains the Sulla is born, it grows slowly during autumn and winter and gives its production at the first cut, in April-May.

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